The Story of Percival Pilts

A whimsical story about living an impractical life based on a childhood promise. While playing on stilts as a child, Percival Pilts declares that he'll 'never again let his feet touch the ground!' He stays true to his word and compelled ever higher, he builds his stilts so tall that he no longer fits into normal society.

Created by Janette Goodey & John Lewis, Australia, New Zealand 

8:00 -1.85 - 24 fps - 5.1 Surround - Stop - Motion
Premiered April 10, 2015 TIFF Kids

"We were interested in exploring the implications of a ridiculous childhood whim being maintained through the course of a life. We all make these decisions, sometimes unknowingly, and those decisions result in the lives we find ourselves living. Many people find themselves not in pursuit of the easiest life, but instead one that follows their passions and ideals, no matter how impractical. We can not justify or explain why we do what we do, for it makes no sense. We simply must. Making the choice to live an impractical life clearly parallels the life of many artists (animators) and anyone whose personal passion compels them to make unusual or seemingly illogical life choices." -Janette Goodey, John Lewis 

Janette Goodey was born in Auckland, New Zealand. She graduated received a diploma of Design/Animation from Unitec Auckland in 2006. Janette's previous film 'Rip Drip Tear’ won the ATOM award for best experimental short.

John Lewis was born in Albury, Australia, and received a BA in Multimedia from CSU Wagga Wagga. His previous stop motion animations include: The Birdhouse, The Boy Who Wanted to Touch the Moon, and The Designer, which won many festival awards worldwide. He was also an animator on Mary and Max 2009.